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Greenhill Relays

Page history last edited by Brad Patterson 8 years, 11 months ago

Greenhill/Luke’s Locker Six Mile Relay

Saturday, August 28th

BUS  WILL  LEAVE  AT  6:00AM!!! 


Directions to Norbuck Park, Dallas 

1) Go south on (75) to Northwest Highway (Loop 12).

2) Exit on the eastbound ramp. 

3) Travel on Northwest Highway past Abrams Road until you reach the intersection of Audelia Rd. & Buckner Blvd.

4) Go south on Buckner, exit onto the frontage road immediately; pass through overpass to reach the parking lot. 


McKinney Boyd Girls Teams for Greenhill 


McKinney Boyd Boys Teams for Greenhill 


View website to see meet schdule: 





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